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3 Things Women Can Do To Support One Another

It's easy to feel helpless in the cause of equality. Sometimes, I feel a glossy hope in the progress we as women have made to be treated as equal, respected human beings. On the other hand, I hear about April 24th being made into National Rape Day, with multiple accounts surfacing all across the media planning mass assaults. It would seem that although discriminating legislature continues to diminish, the ideologies that forged them in the first place do not. It's difficult to know what to do and where to start. Nonetheless, I am comforted by the wave of comradery among women, with a narrative that is much more supportive of each other than it has been in decades. Women are rejecting the notion of being in constant competition with each and instead opting to be one another's cheerleaders. How can we go about this? How can we continue being better advocates and allies? Here are 3 small ways we can continue to uplift and amplify women's voices.

1. Uplift marginalized voices

Sometimes, the best way you can say something is to sit back and listen to somebody else instead. As a thin women in the body positivity space, I am very careful not to speak over the people who the movement is really meant for. I am not perfect at it, but I try to talk less, and do more as a general rule. After all, I can only speak to my experiences. Share videos of women who have a different lived experience than you, who possess a different skill, who has something to say to the other women in spaces you do occupy.

2. Support small businesses!

As a women who also owns a small business, I appreciate monetary support more than I can express. People don't always have the means, or the want, to purchase the products of services. That's understandable. But the hard truth is, businesses need funds in order to run. And nothing really says, "I love what you do and I support you" like actually becoming a paid customer. If you're able, invest in someone's small business this week and let them know you're invested in them!

3. Keep learning!

Whether it's educating yourself on the history of feminism, learning about women trailblazers, or seeking out some art and cinema from women, continue to invest in their work! There's also been a considerable amount of erasing historical accomplishments of women; going back to those periods in history with the truth brings a whole new level of appreciate to their causes. Invest your time into learning about women's history, accomplishments, and contributions, past and present.

There are many more to add, so please feel free to comment your own! How do you think we can continue to support one another?

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