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Top 3 All-Women Businesses for April

Welcome back for what is quickly becoming my favorite installment! I've had so much fun scouting different small businesses to feature, the most fun part being that a lot of them are run by my colleagues. This month we've got quite the diverse bunch, so let's get into it!

First up, allow me to introduce Famjoboutique! This small UK business' unique jewelry collection is all handmade with care and quality. From gummy bar earrings to miniature paintings to resin charms, these unique pieces add a level of artistry and whimsy to any outfit. I wanted to snag some of the iconic lollipop earrings, but the items are unsurprisingly coveted! You can bet I'll be back as soon as they restock. For now, I was able to snag these incredible strawberry earrings just in time for summer! A more thorough look is available on my Instagram: @bodyloveandbeyond

You can find them here:

Next up, we have an evocative and inclusive company centered on intersectional empowerment: Rebel Soul Collective. Rebel Soul Collective is a women-owned brand that creates statement pieces using ethical manufacturing and in-house printing. Their apparel is feminist, unapologetically empowered, racially aware, and dynamically cultivated in social activism. They also donate to multiple charities and organizations that supports marginalized groups. Their brand is truly an example of activism by women, for women.

Explore their collection here:

Last but most certainly not least, allow me to introduce a powerhouse entrepreneur, Kate Hunter, and her incredible company, Løft Accounting. Not only is she an intelligent, experienced accountant, but a well-rounded human being with an insightful outlook on life as well. In her latest Instagram post, Kate addresses the stigmas she is exposed to as a woman accountant. For instance, she is constantly asked if she can handle a case because she has little kids at home. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I have never heard a male CEO be asked if he can run his business and be a father. Historically, people have constantly used motherhood as a guilt trip for working professionals. Women politicians recount multiple instances where their tenacity and capabilities were questioned because they cannot possibly be a sufficient mother and a focused professional. I myself come from a family of working professionals, including my own mother, who sustained an esteemed professional career while raising two daughters. And the elephant in the room? Women in finance are still looked at with doubt, suspicion, and disbelief. Nonetheless, the success of companies like Løft challenge that stigma. If you're looking for immaculate personalized accounting or tax services, then choose Løft for a job well done and well-earned.

Find them here:

That's it for now folks! Ever since I made my public TikTok and Instagram post regarding these monthly features, submissions are pouring in! How incredible it is the craft, tenacity, intellect, and savvy of women manifesting in such diverse and incredible ways. I can't wait to see what's in store for all of you!

If you'd like your small business to be featured, simply comment here or email us for an entry into the monthly raffle. Thank you!

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