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Top 3 All-Women Companies for February

Are you looking for ways to support women, but don't where to start?

From now on, I'll be sharing 3 small businesses founded and operated by women each month to encourage and uplift the global community.

Advocacy starts with investment in the work and aspirations of others.

Here are 5 simple, accessible ways you can support and sustain women-led campaigns, businesses, and publications!

  1. Check out some jewelry shops on!

If you've been spending time on popular social media app TikTok lately, then you've likely been introduced to artists and creatives from all around the world and their small businesses! It's becoming increasingly accessible to self-promote a small business through social media. The small businesses community is experience a Renaissance like never before! Creative, capable women all over the world utilize their incredible talent to create unique jewelry, paintings, momentos, furniture, skincare, clothing, pins, stickers, writing supplies, and so much more! Before you hit that checkout at Forever 21, hop on over to sites like Etsy or Redbubble to see if you can snag some of these truly incredible pieces from the artist next door! This week, I discovered OnlyAngelStudios created by artist Amy Louise in the United Kingdom. She hand-crafts unique geometric, abstract earrings to rival any mainstream company, with modest pricing and a large selection.

These are the ones I decided to get! Check the social media tab on my home page for the reveal once my package arrives!

2. Next up is an incredible company of empowered women who empower women. Perfectdd offers comfortable, stylish apparel for those who are well-endowed, but narrow framed. If you've got a larger bust, then you know the struggle; either your crop top becomes a tube top, or you're forced to upsize so much that the piece loses its fit altogether. Each piece in their shop is named after an admirable women with entrepreneurial spirit! Shop Perfectdd for inclusive, body positive fashion. I'm wearing the Carol Short Sleeve Hoodie in black.

Last but most certainly not least is By Megan Crosby from the United Kingdom! How to summarize pieces that look like they were each dipped in rainbows and topped off with pixie dust? You simply cannot. Megan not only designs her own clothing, but she also designs and prints the fabric herself! The entire team consists of Megan and her trusted fellow seamstress, Georgie. By Megan Crosby only uses sustainable fabrics and environmentally friendly dyes. Every piece is made-to-order, which means it really is a piece made just for you. Because these pieces are so unique, so desirable, and so carefully crafted, I've yet to purchase one for myself. They sell out fast! But you better believe that the moment a rainbow gingham dress or a pair of pink cloud pants are back in stock, you'll be seeing it here first.

If you can't support these brands monetarily, no worries! Maybe send some love their way via social media, or pass on their info via word-of-mouth. The most important thing is that we act upon women supporting women in whatever little way we can. One drop of water may not seem like much, but turn that into an outpouring of love and support, and we'll have a flood of empowered and confident women on our hands!

And with that, the promise of growth and flourishing life.

All endorsements made here are unpaid sponsorships, for no other reason than genuine interest and well wishes for their continued success. If you'd like your small business to be featured, simply email me! I'd be happy to share it here.

Until next time!

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